• Individually-Wrapped Disposable Masks

Individually-Wrapped Disposable Masks

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Whether you're a student at school, an employee at work, or just a rebel to the mandate itself. This is for you!

Covid Cloak

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Customize Your Own!!

You can now personalize our Covid Cloak with your own logo, and color. Just click our catalog to upload your own image. Looking to support a business, school, or friend? A mask with a customized logo, or saying is the perfect thing. Follow and DM us on social media for more questions!!

About Us

The 2020 global pandemic caused by Corona virus (Covid 19) will change the world forever and require us to adapt to a new normal. Face masks are now considered by The World Health Organization an essential part of our daily routine therefore creating a global demand. So to answer this problem, we created Handy Heroes. We are an enthusiastic team with a passion for creativity! We recognize the seriousness of this situation and wanted to bring a sense of humor to it. Produced and distributed out of Springfield, Missouri. All of our masks have a 3 layer protection filter with a built in nose bridge wire so each can be custom fitted to your face. We look forward to seeing you with our masks on our Instagram page @HandyHeroesShop Don’t forget to tag us!

About Us